CV & Ships destroyed on PvE planet

So i haven’t played for around two days and left my CV on mars with three sv’s on it… everything set to faction only ENT. I log in today onto the ground with my cv and everything gone… no structure owned in the manager either.

So i check the combat log and low and behold…

this goes on…

So, DNA & MDA mind explaining destroying cores on pve planets?

Admins input also :stuck_out_tongue:

Bump for drama :laughing:

Mars gets wiped regulary

Yes that was a wipe. no one attacked you. The Intruder log does not “really” count if you are on pve.

Wasn’t a wipe, i moved to new hope on the Thursday before wipe day. Moved the cv to mars on the Friday evening after the wipe had happened :slight_smile:

Mars is wiped twice a week, Monday and Friday
If you havent been on since Friday then its likely you got hit by the wipe on Monday.