CV somehow deleted from game

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: CV Deleted
Player(s) with issue: Crusader
Time (cb:time): Unknown
Playfield: NA Freelancer HQ
Structure Name(s): {CSF] Nomad
Structure ID(s): 56706518
How can we help you now: Please help me recover. I have materials in there intended for next wipe. I know they are not much but its what I have. Thank you.

How long ago you spawned that ship? Is it 7 days (or more) old?


could you please elaborate a bit on WHY it was deleted?
Because the reason I see is: You deleted it via Chatbot. So I’m wondering why.

This is what he told me

I’m not sure why I deleted my ship. I was having issues with to many sv’s and ended up getting locked inside a faction sv when I left the faction. I thought my ships would go with me but they didn’t. I thought I was deleting a smaller sv that I had. That explains a lot why I couldn’t get rid of the sv because I deleted the CV instead. Please restore my CV and materials. Thank you.

I’m not following what is going on here in chat. Juniper is there some issue? A mistake was made and my ship/materials was deleted. I sent you a private message at the time to help me with being stuck in the ship and you told me to just get out of it. Does this mean you have no intention of restoring my stuff? Just asking since this doesn’t seem to be hard and Im not sure what else is needed.

Also, you deleted the request before the last statement Jascha is asking about. The statement you quoted is from when I posted to you personally.

All is good.
I asked you about why you deleted your ship and Juniper gave me the answer.
I restored your ship.

Keep in mind: Returning Ships cost you something:

So for this ship it would be next time 386k Credits and 3 RP.

Since you have not much I only took 100k and 3 RP