CV Spawned and it has invisible blocks

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What happened: Ship Spawned with invisible blocks
Player(s) with issue: Calolim
Server: HWS NA
Time (cb:time): ~1am EST
Playfield: TCB Faction Planet
Structure Name(s): Death Dealer
Structure ID(s): 9370224
How can we help you now: looking to see if I can get the spawn and use of do:bp undone because it is not possible to use this CV with it being possible to destroy internal blocks from the outside.

Hello @Calo

before I refund the do:bp spawn, can you please try this workaround here?

Thank you for the fast response.
I tried this after the server restart and the blocks are still invisible. Going to recycle the ship I suppose then

edit: I apologize because I did not even find this thread for possible fix when I looked earlier.

Just multitool some of the invisible blocks out. At some point the game will snap back to proper rendering. We had that problem repeatedly on SVs and some multitooling fixes the problem at some point. Alternatively you can damage the blocks with splash and then repair them with the multitool, same effect.

How many blocks / triangles are there?

Can you screen shot the stats page?

Using Multi tool/weapons do nothing to the invisible blocks. Bullets / multi tool laser goes right through them and to components.
I have already recycled this ship and went to a previous version in creative but the blueprint was completely fine before I added landing gear on it.

I assumed adding the landing gear put the triangle count over or something along those lines?

It seems so — the # changes with each major Verizon it seems, but when I thoroughly tested this in 6, there was a point where adding blocks make other blocks derender; removing blocks made them render again. It was totally based on triangle count as I used different blocks with different triangles to get right to the line.

I’m guessing you got there with yours… never found out if it was system based or server based… I had a 1060 at the time. I’m clocking a 1080ti now and have not seen it.

I am also using a 1080ti also, but other guys in faction saw the holes in the CV.
Thanks for the fast responses.

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