CV Spin of Death :(

After spawning a CV in space, bring back to planet Z to fuel up, ship started to spin around. Then I was falling through ship and planet. So I re-logged thinking that would fix it, then was stuck at Loading screen. Restarted game, waited…and now I can log in. But now CV is stuck spinning on planet. Need your magic Rexx/Jascha/admin folks. :frowning:

I had the same problem, and know how to fix it.

If you can get close enough, you need to press Y to turn its power off. Then it’ll just fall to earth.

you can’t have it powered on, and not be at the cockpit it seems.

Ill come… sorry for that. dont land and turn it on… its a bug right now
Happening just to a few cv’s though

Um, This supposed to be fixed since yesterdays small update.
It did for me anyway. Only went to creative to see if it worked, not in MP.
't Was due to the new T2 generators and is a clientside update.
Soooo, did you update ?

Its still buggered for me, and I did update.

Hmmm, might be the bug doesn’t update because of the way it was spawned before the update ?
Or maybe their servertool is blocking the update ?
Good thing i took those T2 generators off, cuz they didn’t improved the energy use for me in overall.
Always try in creative first, guys.

Not helpful at all, but ok m8.

Hah, not helpfull … depends on how you look at it.
Take that thing of and replace with T1 generators for now.
The comment was meant for the serv’s to take a look at. :laughing:

Well with the 8 T2 generators I have, I have around 4000MW output.

if I replace them with 8 T1 large generators, I’d have 400MW instead. You can’t just swap them out.

Bug seems to be at 4000mw, try removing one

I had this same issue pre’hotfix’patch and I was able to fix the issue by dropping below the 4000mw mark.

We sent the devs our save game + your ship. They are on it…

Removed a generator, so now the output is 3500, it still spins like mad when turned on.

Kill me fam :imp:

Thanks Jascha…much appreciated :slight_smile:

Should be fixed in a momnet. Devs forgot that it was not just an Client patch :neutral_face: