CV stuck in Dead Zone - now gone

ID: 26875031


I was in a battle on desertworld and i got stuck in the red wall / green wall area. First time the ship eventually came out a few k into orbit. The second time it stuck in the ground - I fell out and it warped half way around the planet. I was trying to find it but always seemed to be 10k away. Then it disappeared completely from map and registry. Can you confirm if someone found and cored it before I could get there or did the numerous glitches I encountered finally defeat me?

It had a hover and an SV docked too.



sadly our tool can not always get ships out of the pole. Sometimes they are buged beyond repair and cant be adressed anymore. This was also with your ships. All of them got destroyed after numerous attempts to warp them out of pole.

If the loss is to big, let me know.



Hi Jascha,

The losses were not insigificant. If you are offering to assist in recouping losses i’d be very grateful. Total loss for SV, HV, CV was about 50k Iron but they were also fully loaded with ammo. Also lost an epic assault rifle, 500 fusion cells and 300 pentax.

My mate suffered a greater loss as he had to battle 1v4 on desertworld while i sat stuck in the middle of nowhere :frowning:

We’d have taken them had i been there :slight_smile:

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