CV \ SV shields and pulse discrepancy

So we have been doing some testing with CVs and SVs, and in specific the shields on CVs in relation to using pulse lasers on CVs and SVs.

SV with 6 pulse lasers 200 shots on a CV draws the CV shields down to 42%
CV with 12 pulse lasers 150 shots on a CV draws the CV shields down to 70%

So, it breaks down to:

SV - 1200 shots = 42% shields
CV - 1800 shots = 70% shields

It comes out to 3492 CV pulse shots to get to 42% shields on another CV, its quite a discrepancy.

It seems that either the SV pulse is OP or the CV pulse is horribly nerfed. Is this something we can revisit @RexXxuS ?



Yes, but were you leading your shots?

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Stationary target.

SV pulse lasers are Ultra Effective against shields, so they’re doing 100x damage, while CV fixed pulse lasers are only Very Effective, so they only do 10x damage (although there are more of them and the base damage per minute is much higher, so the discrepancy in damage is less than 10x).

For CVs, pulse laser turrets are the shield breakers - they are also Ultra Effective and their base damage (per minute) is much higher than SV pulse lasers.

I’m not sure why Rex decided not to make CV fixed lasers Ultra Effective against shields like all other PLs are, but I’m pretty sure that’s why you’re getting those results.


Testing with Pulse turrets are not that effective either, something akin to .5% dmg to shield, when they hit. To be more effective their speed needs to greatly increase. Also tested this scenario, it wasn’t that great to be honest, kinda left me underwhelmed. What left me unbalanced is the fact that half the pulse lasers were twice as effective for less than half the amount of ammo expended.

@Loki66 is right

And nope, I just totally overlooked it. Sorry :frowning:
Fixed in 12 minutes.

CV Pulse Guns are Ultra Effective as well then.


CV vs CV killers now even MORE effective, good!

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Thank you for the reply, and if I am wrong I’ll own it, it doesn’t hurt me in any fashion, just wasn’t sure if I was missing something. :slight_smile:

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