CV turned public alone

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: My CV turned to public in PVE zone (Binomi)
Player(s) with issue: /
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): Between TJ NA and monday 10 AM.
Playfield: Binomi
Structure Name(s): New Farm
Structure ID(s): 32545602
How can we help you now: Tell me what happened, and try fix it. I had 5M from towerjump and just lost it. Not your fault. But don’t wanna live it twice.

I left Atlantis EU yesterday bit before TJ on NA, saw ship in CSW so it was still faction or private. Then we did TJ and i logged out bit after. Today i log back, go to Waterworld and when i come back my ship is public with no gold in it… The only faction memeber that was here was not admin. Don’t know how that could happen…


I’m sorry for that. But it looks like it was never set to your faction/private after the CSW.
It was public all the time when you flew to ECC and back… :frowning:

@Comrade used that opportunity and robed you. :frowning: Not a good start …

I restored the Ship from when you logged out. All should be back.

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Thank you a lot, i wasn’t expecting so much.
Just want that doesn’t happen to other beginners, i have backup there so no worry for me, but it might make new players leave.

Maybe it’s becouse CV was private in EU and faction in NA?

Hope it can help you to make HWS better.
Thanks again.

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