CV was taken by server, need assistance

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What happened:
=> The server took my Tryglaw (located at my base in Sanctuary), server reported that I was over the 2 CV max but I couldn’t figure it out, apparently the old CV (Mosquito) that was destroyed in a gold asteroid field in Atlantis is still registered even though it was totally busted when I was shot by the asteroid satellite thing.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Mad Dokta

=> Green

Time (cb:time):
=> Unsure, now, yesterday

=> Santuary

Structure Name(s):
=> Tryglaw

Structure ID(s):
=> Unsure

How can we help you now:
=> attend to my primitive base on Sactuary and unlock it back to me as private and remove the old wreckage of a Mosquito in Atlantis that is still recorded as a CV over my max allowance please.

Type egs:buyshipback:ID then remember to set the ship to private or faction, all after what you need

how would I find the ID of the ship, also how do I get rid of the wreck in the atlantis space that is taking up my cv limit, I cant reach it as the asteroid satellite shoots me to bits 3-400 meters before I can reach it and swap it to public/remove the core


I turned it back toy our name.
You can see the ID by opening the console and typing “di”. Then get close to the structure and look at it. You will see the ID then.

About your CV. Since you have two with the same name, I don’t know which to delete.
If its still in the system it probably still has a core. Therefore you need to make sure its completely deleted.
You can use also the EGS:Recycle or CB:Destroy command (after getting close to it)

thankyou for the assistance

trying to delete the old one but requires less range than I can reach without being blown to pieces, I changed the name of my cv mosquito to Mosquito Miner, so the one to be removed is Mosquito TS H (stuck in the asteroid field very close to a satellite with guns at the ready). Just been alerted to 2 more times before another cv randomly gets taken.

What server are you on?

NA server

Then i can’t delete it.

You can find the id trough hws connect :blush:


Should be destroyed now

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