CV wrong faction after rescue from pole

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: After restoration our ship was taken by admin faction?
Player(s) with issue: Goshen
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): Write here
Playfield: Peacekeeper East
Structure Name(s): Needs Thrusters
Structure ID(s): 16709954
How can we help you now: Please send it to be owned by me.

Have been effectively been locked out of my mobile base for two days now.

Hello Goshen,

sorry for the delay. I am currently doing quite a few things at my own. And real life isn’t paused meanwhile.
Sorry that this affects your gameplay.

I stumbled over some questions regarding your shared information.

For example the conflict between your given structure name and given ID.
More importantly it was not your structure?

Or were you in the Div faction before?
Thanks for clarification.
At the moment it got wiped because it was in the pole.
I just don’t know where I should restore it and whom it belongs.

Yes, I am the founder of the Div faction, we joined with a more established faction.

Restore to Peacekeeper east please to be owned by me, or my new faction.

While I was waiting for the restore from it being lost in the pole, someone gave us a couple cvs, they were at peacekeeper east, then when needs thrusters got restored, we passed the limit, and the server took it back from us.

Good Morning,

ok I restored your CV in Peacekeeper East at 3000 0 0. If you are there let me know if I have to switch the faction also.

Please set to HWS, or private to Goshen.

Ok done. Let me know if it worked.

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