Daily interest

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What happened: I dont get my dayly interest
Player(s) with issue: dQgnflua
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 8.15 -8.40
Playfield: ECC
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Structure ID(s): Write here
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I don`t get my interest… i think it has been like that for a while… The message and all is ok… but the value on my account is still the same… Took SP of it with 15 minuts ++ delay as well…


nope, all is right as it should be. You can check also your player logs.

hmm… Is it slower then 5 minutes then maybe?
My saldo showed the same for long more than that =)

I dont get it to. Somewere is error! I check the logs check the account - and nothing.

It is working as it should. Also for you. You have to visit the bank zone. Create a new ticket otherwise with ALL details

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