Daily Loot Scheduling


Curious why the daily loot and daily voting work differently for scheduling.

With vote, it’s great. If I have the time at 11PM one day, and only at 6AM the next, no problem. When I vote on any day isn’t dictated by when I had time the previous day.
With loot, it’s not per 24h period like voting. It’s 24hrs since previous loot. That means if I can’t get to it by 10:30pm on some day, the next day I have to wait until then.
My schedule changes a lot. Teach by day, learn by night, entertain the dog in between :grin:

Any chance of making the loot scheduling like vote and have it be per 24h period 0:00 to 23:59?

well, for most of us daily loot does resets every day at 00:00h server time (EU)…

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oooh, derp :laughing:

I got my loot at 18:00 US eastern time, which would be +6hrs for EU = 0:00

so does the vote reset at 6:00 for you? Mine seems to reset at Midnight I think.
Strike that, different vote… sigh.
I should just stick to mining.

yes, vote resets at 06:00h server time, but that is connected directly to empyrion-servers.com voting timing, that would be 00:00h US eastern time