Daily loot

Hi Rexxuss, is it possible to Reset the daily loot at the 9.00 in the morning like the bank? in my opinion it is easy to remember and you have a fixed time at wich it resets

Hey Arch,

thanks for the suggestion. Yeah there are these two options. Fixed time or relative time.
I picked the relative time because

a) 9AM here is not 9AM in America. Timezone crap is always an issue for such time related things
b) Making it relative is something from mobile games to create a better user experience by giving the player the exact time frame when they can cycle their loot or not
c) because otherwise fixed stuff would mean a lot more complex sub coding like: does the loot timer pause at 9AM and “waits” until the players comes and click or does the loot disappear for that 9AM cycle and if someone coming at 9:01AM he needs to wait again 23:59 hours.

The current system was already quite difficult to code but for the future there will be some more possibilities with the loot system.

What i mean is:
I log in at 8.50 i get one daily loot
I log in after restart at 9.10 i get another one, but i have to wait untill the next 9.00 restart to get the new loot likt the Interest in the bank

I am telling you this because for ex yesterday i was away from the aftgernoon to the late night, i coud have taken the loot in the morning then safe exit for RL (IKKEA … with wife… is there anything worst?) when i logged in alt 1.00 i took the loot, but now my loot is set to 1.00 in the morning so i will loose an entire day of loot because i have to reset it to a more Work-friendly retrieve time

You know i dont really care i have 1.500 cores and a lot of credits, but i only wanted to make the point.

Good Job as always

So a kind of forced reset of the package no matter if you got it or not.
Yeah, maybe possible.

If I have too much time I could even convert the timezones properly but… have to see.
For now it is kind a way for you to come back :slight_smile:

I understand where they’re coming from.

An example. A few days ago I worked late and couldn’t log on until 11:30pm. On work nights I normally log on at 8:30pm and collect loot etc and am in bed by 11pm.

Since I didn’t get to log in until 11:30pm, and am usually in bed by 11pm, this means that the next day I won’t be able to collect it because it now won’t reset until after 11:30pm. I have to wait 2 days until I am able to collect it again.

If it instead was just any time in a 24 hour period it would work out much better. If it reset at 9am every day and we were able to collect it at any time, but still only once in a 24 hour period.

I hope that made sense @RexXxuS.
I have lots of credits so the loot doesn’t matter to me, but I’m not the only one with this problem.


Exactly what i mean

Reset every day no checks or others, just a reset dayly and a flag that says you took or not it

Thx Rexx for all your effords I appreciate it a lot

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What if each (24 hr, 9AM to 9AM) day that you hit it it just incremented a sort of donor style package counter? That way you know for sure the person is ready for it, because they called it in, and if they are mobile but not able to login to game, it queues up for them to be ready. Just an idea. Might prevent time creep like twitchy was describing. I have the same thing happen with faction supplies, because they count from last call in instead of each week naturally. So each week I miss a day or so sometimes if I forgot to activate it at exactly the right time. Its just less noticeable for that, because its once a week.