Daily reward not working for me. Please help

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What happened:

daily loot doest work for me

Player(s) with issue:

<- Myrit07 ->



Time (cb:time):

23:32 utc+3


Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:

I’m clicking on the daily prize.pop-up window is coming. pushing the claim button. nothing happens. no reward. my inventory is empty. On the site you still get the award window opens. not interactive. I’m trying different browsers.the result is still the same. I tried the command (cb:startjobs) in the game. nothing happens. can you help me?


At the first screenshot it seems that the webpage/server has sent them to you couse there is time running after the text and the button is white.

If you open cargobox (or similar) at the same time on the game when the server is sending you the stuff the cargobox window (or similar) will override the server popup. But thats just a guess. All i know that i have missed those many time while opening stuff previously so now i dont do anything when claiming the price untill the popup opens and i get the loot.

I tried all of them.nothing comes. my inventory is empty. not visible in the dashboard too.

and https://prnt.sc/m1g7nt

No skill points.

Nothing ever arrived on the EAH tool. I only see you using HWS Connect twice
cb:destroy and Daily vote.

@RexXxuS You see anything on your end?

I got the daily award today. I just didn’t get it yesterday. yesterday I think there was a problem.

I had a long delay in my daily loot as well. Probably 15 minutes after I hit the button it came in, which was not normal.

No, but I gave you +1 Skillpoint now @Myrit07

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