Deadly safe rebirth

Once again, the pirates in the Homeworld shot me. I have no claim, they have such a job. The game offered to safely revive at the nearest station. As a result, I was reborn again on the Homeworld system at the station where a robot first killed me, then another pirate. Can someone tell me how to be reborn in a really safe place after you were shot in this damned pvp zone?

I’m assuming you spawned at the EGS Star… This is why cb:sethome:id and cb:gohome are good tools to use, as well as setting the “Home Spawn” location in your PvE base.

The EGS Star is Zirax Controlled, so you have to have good rep with the Zirax faction in game to be “safe” there.

ok, i see… Is there any way to quickly leave the starting system and be at home? had to be reborn there, there were no other options. Or do I need to build a primitive ship again to jump into my system?

the egs:spawn command if u have not used it yet. this will give u a free ship. PvP is a place of danger. always be prepared before entering. what hq origin are u stuck at?

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iam spawned on a freelancer origin planet, tnx, all try this command

I am freelancer as well. Shoot me a pm on discord and I can help you out. I usually hang out in the HWS Lobby.

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Thanks, Bob, I’ll keep it on mind. I managed to get the ship and quickly return