Dear Rat, Colin2cold, and others

When do you plan to pvp again?

and others who have quit.

  • Bigger sever pops
  • Donator planets not in a dedicate system (this does not work)
  • Improvements to sever lag during MP and ‘bigger’ combats

Improvements to multiplayer pvp , might be waiting a longggggggggggggg time for that one. lol.

Hey Ezze we kept on playing just on other servers mostly. Unfortunately what we want is not what Rex wants. Still hop on the forums once in a while to see the changes and hoping it gets better. But there is no real pvp on HWS anymore so me and others have no reason to return until this changes.

I loved HWS for 2 simple reason. Best admins and best community but it has been smeared with RP taxes and the hardest start for noobs on any server i have played on.

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so the toxicity Colin left HWS?

the Homeworld server does a lot of work with the mods.
so hopefully with 7.0 comes out.
my best season on the server was 5.0
6.0 was a bust but I don’t blame you because we have to take into account Eleon Game Studios.

4.0 was the era of great CV PVP, 5.0 was decent planetside PvP, 6.0 was just a tad too amibitious I think. Stretching the limits of what the cross server warp tech could do.

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I miss the rotation planets as well, but mainly great cv pvp is what I like most.

I’ve been ghosting the forums and mostly building in creative.
I’ll probably log in collect interest occasionally until there is some steady PvP.