Death cycle loop in space!

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What happened: Warped to homeworld in a CV, then a cycle of disconnections from dedicated server loop.
Some times it continues (Just gives a message but a few seconds later game continues) others it kicks me out 30 mins later lost all my inventory (first death cycle)
Every disconnect leaves me in space 5-6 Km away from my ship with out helmet and eventual agonizing death in space :frowning: barely managed to get out after countless loops as i would have lost my CV so my priority was getting it out even at the loss of all my inventory.

Came in with another ship to try and get my back pack and again same issue.
Player(s) with issue: “Poor” Vulkyn
Server: HWS Europe
Time (cb:time): Not sure how to post tht but this was around 6:30-7 hrs ago from this post time
Playfield: Homeworld space 5-8 KM from warp gate
Structure Name(s): N/A
Structure ID(s): N/A
How can we help you now: If we can understand the bug (and hopefully get my lost backpack) i am now worried to go any where near homeworld. Thankfully it was late other wise i would have been an easy picking in PVP space.

Please fill out the information in order for the best possible help you can get.


Game goes into a disconnected from dedicated server loop.

time it continues others it kicks me out 30 mins later lost all my inventory and barely managed to get out.

Came in with another ship same …

See above, we need all information

Same cycle of problems again today :frowning:

Hey @Vulkyn, I really havnt seen this before and I don’t know if this will work but try clearing your game cache by going to your steam library and right clicking on Empyrion click properties and then click the local files tab and then brouse files. Saves folder then Cache Then HWS delete that folder then reopen the game
See if that helps

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Could you also please send us your log files from the time you had those disconnects yesterday?
Maybe we can find out more that way.

OK will look for log files, this happened this morning as well but i didnt get disconnected. Just the pop up.

I took a screenshot from yesterday (i have logs and pics cant attach them :S)

Cleared cache and will try tomorrow and see if that helps …

Same problem :frowning: disconnected from dedicated server message. If i dont touch anything it continues most of the time, else it disconnects me from server

It seems that in my CV the problem is more (happens more often)
Please let me know how to upload / share logs & screenshots…

homeworld intensifies the frequency, says cannot send to server

Now says i cant connect because I dont have anti cheat on >.<

Game hates me :frowning:

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