Deco Statues on Marketplace

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What happened: I bought “Deco” statues from marketplace
Player(s) with issue: Coco
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 12 09:41
Playfield: ECC EGS HQ
Structure Name(s): -
Structure ID(s): -
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Hi guys sorry to bug you with this.

I accidentally bought “Deco” statues on the marketplace as i was checking the offerings. I bought the statues believing they were a fair offering, without paying attention to “deco”…

I thought i was buying statues to sell at the commodity trader, but when i got there i found these were no good. (part of the delay is that i wait until i have a few supply runs worth of statues before going to the statue trader).

it wasn’t a lot of credits I lost, but i feel its the principle that this shouldn’t have happened.
maybe remove the ability to sell the “deco” statues on the HWS marketplace?

Oddly it seems that after checking my advanced constructor you cannot build these “deco” statues.
I’m not sure where the seller got the “deco” statues, as you cannot build them in the constructor… perhaps he had them in OCD?

thank you for your time,

This is not a bug, its a feature.

There has been warnings regarding the fact that there are fake statues on the market,

unfortunately this time you lost out.

There is a way to build deco statues, which i’m not gonna say in here for good reason ;D And this might be partly my fault lol. Ojmat bought a few deco statues which i sold once(I was pretty much the one who started this) and i think he’s selling them again now :laughing:

yeah i just checked Ojmat has 3 or 4 more offerings of 18 each.

18 each!? lol he’s worse than me. I sold them 10k each… i earned around 6mil profit from those LOL

I disagree, if this is indeed intentional then it is an exploit, designed to exploit other players.

no, 18 units in each sale

It’s not an exploit. It’s roleplay. Just as in real life, you can get scammed. No cheating is done to produce these statues, and the admins are fully aware that it’s possible

Devs have been aware for a month and so has the HWS Police, as per the link I posted

the response from Rexxus was as Dr Dark stated: its Roleplay and gameplay,

This is also the reason the police warned about this, and NOT the admins. Police means it’s roleplay business

Ojmat is also selling deco stones on EU marketplace…

which is fine and he is allowed to do so.

im going to wait for a response from rex or jascha on this.

Sure ;D They’ll just confirm what me and odin just said, but lets just pause the discussion and wait for @RexXxuS or @Jascha

It’s like the old saying. “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” Unfortunately.

Hello @Jeeves

as mentioned above already:
it’s part of the roleplay and they were produced legally.

I could have used Commodity Trade items which can’t be placed on bases like the Zirax Laser Weapon but I wanted to give it a touch of shady business and justice warrior for everyone :wink:

Overall Commodity Trading is an advanced form of trading and should challenge everyone.

deception isn’t a challenge.

Is the deco word shorted from a word decoy :thinking:


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