Defence factioned tower no OP deleted by system

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What happened: Defence factioned tower with no OP deleted
Player(s) with issue: pico_76
Server: Europe
Time (cb:time): between 27.02 and 28.02
Playfield: Zirax HQ
Structure Name(s): Tree of thornes
Structure ID(s): unknown
How can we help you now: I would know if system deleted de defensive asset cause of new player limits or cause i had not visited it in a week. If this is the case i visited it 2 days ago with a drone to reload the fuel , it is not counted as a visit ? i lost thousands of ammo,around 30 turrets and the main support defence position on the planet. i dont want it it s my fault fall in the error again. Ty for explanations

i found the ID changing the options on hotview. ID 31436656. Ty


It was not visited for over 9 days.
Let me know what to do.
Fee to restore is 58k Credits and 1 RP

Restore Boss !! tyvm . than i learned using drone to visit bases is not a nice idea. it does not count as “visited”

No you have to literally touch it

Was foggy :wink: :sunny:
Have a nice day and thanks for support.

No problem. Done

The function is called “touched” and is meant that way. Your player character has to make physical contact with a structure to reset the last touched timer.

Let´s celebrate the “Hug-a-Tower”-Day :joy:

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:joy: Pagan rituals for long life and tower fertility