Delete POI's that I cored around the systems

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened?
=> We have reached Faction limit on cores and need some deleted plz.

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
=> Lovable Lepper

Server? (EU or NA)
=> NA

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)
=> Past week or more

On which Playfield?
=> Kreil space for the most part

Structure Name(s)?
=> Kriel ships and space stations.

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?

How can we help you now?
=> Would you please delete all poi’s that I have attempted to recycle but would not let me. Anything that is from the Krie faction that are listed under my name …

Could you find the ID’s here??

Also to fix this, try going to the area where you recycled them so the server has a chance to find out that they’re gone. Just fly around the area for 2 min and see if they disappear from structure commander.


Those are the ID’s on all the ships that were either bugged or I left and have no idea where they are but are causing a huge issue with the faction loosing cores and ships :slight_smile: thanks a ton …I did not realize how this effected the faction :slight_smile:

Just so you know, it is not the admin’s responsibility to destroy cores for you unless there is a specific issue (ships are deleted but still registered, ships are millions of kilometers away, glitched. Etc. If you just don’t want to fly out to them that’s too bad, because then you’re just making the admin’s fly out to them. So just know if these cores aren’t bugged and you were too lazy to go recycle them then you should take this down and go do that if you want the cores.

If they’re bugged or something, all is good and I understand with how bad the DCs and lag are right now, but that’s a lot of ships to all be glitched.

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I appreciate your help there Admin … :slight_smile:


as Willeatspie says. we can’t clean up after you. If its ships that are actually gone and are still in the structure list then we have to do something. But please check your structure list and then destroy them. In the list you see the coordinates and the Playfield.

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Those Krei are bugged thats why I did not ocd them when I took them … as far as the others i’ll delete them …

Why and how are they bugged?

Your guess is as good as mine … when I goto them I can fly right through them …

I’ve seen this bug earlier on GG this season. Some guys could fly right through a couple HV’s, but to me they were physically there.
A cb:destroy:ID should work.

Forget it … I did not think this was going to be a big deal. Tried to ocd them when that did not work and I could not physically remove them with tool I just figured they were bugged and not a big deal the game would clean them up. I guess I should know the right words to say like Bob did with similar issues and got a positive resolve without factions weighing in on this issue. Or maybe if I was in a different faction you all would jump all over this … either way I’ll quit using help, because I really don’t seem to get much help. I’ll suck this one up like ever other time :open_mouth: Close the ticket and go about your day.

Sad that you feel that way, but besides your recycle OCD issue (which I explained very clear to you) I don’t even see any ticket where no one helped you. And also here everyone wants to help you. We just need answers first to figure out what to do and weigh how reasonable a request is.

No one ever requested to destroy 12 structures just because he gave up on it. Sadly we don’t have the manpower to do such jobs. We have to concentrate on issues that people cant fix themselves. I understand that the bugs right now are horrible, but just try the cb:destroy first, multiple times and if that does not work let us know.

I did a quick delete on all structures, but its not that easy for us. So some might still be there. And i see you also deleted now a few.

Btw: What other guys are requesting the last weeks is not destroying a structure that is still ingame, but removing structures from the structure list since a bug kept them there. That is a big difference, since they can’t do anything about it and its easy for us.

And yes we also destroy a structure or two for people who have trouble. But 12 is a much bigger number and that means at the moment a lot of time to destroy even one structure, since also for us the game does not respond that easy. You actually have more chances doing it with cb:destroy… Thats why everyone points it out to you.

And it has nothing to do with factions. I don’t care what faction you are in, I honestly don’t even know. And I don’t think anyone here (well anyhow only Willeatspie is in a faction) tries to put you down since you are not in their faction…

But I appreciate that you started the request very positive. Still try to be more reasonable please with what you expect of people.


To add to that, I’d like to point out that I did recognize the forum name originally for Mickey Mouse was Lovable Lepper, who is a DS3 member. I have no quarrel with any factions right now, but I’d like to point out that NotOP is a friend of mine, we do 1v1’s all the time. I also communicate with Chief Recktless and Insidious a bunch, both are working on HV’s and I’ve shared some of my design secrets with both of them. DS3 is an awesome faction and I love that you guys were down on GG for awhile. I respect that you kept fighting even when you were losing, and quickly turned the tide in your own favor against me on GG.

All this to make sure you understand, this has nothing to do with your faction. I just know how busy the admins are (partly because I’ve been forced to make a few tickets myself.) Plus I keep an eye on forum-sync on Discord. They are super busy trying to build new software for next season that the more time we can save them from reading tickets the better. I always try HWP before I move on to making a forum ticket, not only is it easier to ask for their help, but a lot of the time they have already encountered the issue and if it’s necessary to make a ticket on the forum, they will add a reply mentioning that they saw it and it is bugged or whatnot, saving the admins time from godmoding over there to check (I would assume.) However, most of the time HWP can handle it on their own and save you from making a ticket. Just a few days ago I had a ship change to a “ghost faction” on CSW from EU to NA, Dr. Dark came over and privated the structure to me so I could get away. It would have taken hours for an admin to come help, but he was there and had my ship changed to me privately in under ten minutes.

Sincerely, WillEatsPie

I appreciate the responses … 2 much coffee! I’ll try drinking decaf in future.


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