Deleted cv,and sv when i returned 3 or 4 days later from a computer repair my memory went bad had to replace

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What happened: I lost 4 ships ,3 cv 1 sv in alliance home orbit .connect says ther deleated I haven’t been on for 3or 4 days due to a down computer repair bad memory roms had to replace and unable to play please help
Player(s) with issue: swaffora
**Server:**NA HWS
Time (cb:time): Write here
Playfield: Alliance home orbit
Structure Name(s): 43664366116 , 4366115 , 2629671 , 2859695
Structure ID(s): 4366116 , 4366115 , 2629671 , 2859695

How can we help you now: I need =slugshot= back and the others as I was not able to play due to my computer beaing down for 3 or 4 days

Logs say you did not touch those structures since 05.01.18. So they were automatically wiped on 14.01.18.
Thats a bit too long ago. So the reason of the deletion can’t be the computer since oyu were online on the 12th. But its rather the problem that you did not touch them.

Since we have only backups for 3 days, those ships are gone forever. Sorry :frowning:

I could at least save 2629671 - ranger 1. I restored it on Alliance Home. That one got deleted on 15.01. so it was still in our backup. I took 50k from you credits.

k if you guys wana take credits and not replace ships and throw the book at me the simply wipe all my structures and ships ile play on a more family friendly server or better than that just go back to building ships on workshop. your server is too focus on pvp and right now PVP IS BROKEN!!! that’s not your fault of cores its elon studios but their is far to less pve planets to work with 90 % is restricted and the other is pvp so that ones left on hq planets are all huddled together to where theirs max out on structures all the time and if u decide to go PVP … one word to sum it all up LAG FIGHTS to where the lesser side will always lose . and to quote dem Lovato sorry not Sorry

but on a positive note cause I hate to be that guy that’s all negative this server dose have good features like the connect and ocd and a good market stance and cool garage ships .

and as for your comment on my computer problem you say it cant bee how in the hell do you know it wasn’t I was on the 12th and a few other days but what you are failing to realize is I wasn’t able to play how can you play when your frame rate is 4 because one rom chip was bad and it was using my hard drive as memory I was max out on memory every time I tried to play the freken game as I only had 8G game takes over 5 and window’s crap 10 takes over 2 one chip going bad crippled me playing the game can you play with a frame rate of 4 NO YOU CANT !!! so to recap clear the rest of my stuff I will NOT be coming back . sorry Not sorry . I’m gona find me a more balance family server

Hello millennium. Sorry about that we will try and change everything just for you…


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