Deleted ship

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lost ship
prior to today
proxina centuri
tims viathon
ship deleted and was started by clan mate darn near every day. I had to leave town on emergency.

Hello @tertim

neither the ID nor the ship name can be found on HWS NA, sry.

i bought this ship at the start of the season at the hws # 2539510. ships name is viathon.

That is 4 weeks in the past. We store our backups only 3 days. Sorry, can’t check / find it anymore

i don’t know what happened but I was only gone 10 days and I had smally and others starting my ships and base while I was gone. They assured me that they did this several times over that 10 day period. I think I paid 17 million for that ship and I guess something happened that caused it to vanish without a trace.

my garage ship # 2539510 that I bought from the garage in the beginning of the season disappeared . I would like another ship to replace it. I have witnesses who will support my claim. Smalley, capteck, and most all of the members of the PKA clan.

Hello @tertim
thanks for the info but as I said: if we don’t have it in our backups, or you a screenshot of HWS Connect Structure Commander or ingame screenshot it is just a claim, sorry.

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