Deposit Cr to EB

Yesterday i deposit some credits to the EB. And i still cant see them, even after 12 hrs.
I checking the EB in HWS connect but its empty.

Please let me know what time it was so that i can find it easier.

I see the following:
03.02.2017 21:21:57 Dr_Dasslock Bank 27705 2306955
03.02.2017 21:21:57 Dr_Dasslock Credits 2279250 1
So EB:Payin worked

I dont see any other problem.

Nice, just checked at it shows now.
Earlier today and last night it was pretty empty in EB.
But it seems its sorted now.

Well i spoke to soon.
It doesnt show anything now in the EB part of HWS connect. Something bugged?

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I checked your xml file, the true representation of your data in the web and the data is in there.

Please clear your browser cache for HWS* and try again fresh.

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