Design Contest until 6.0 :D

Hey Everyone,

As i’m not playing til 6.0 comes out, and i got too much money, what about a design contest for fun !!!

All the ships are from Everspace for those who know the game :slight_smile:

  1. Price 10M - CV - Class 4 :

  1. Price 5M - CV - Class 2/3 :

  1. Price 2.5M - SV - class 2/3 :

  1. Price 2.5M - SV - class 2/3 :

Keep in mind all the vessels are for use in PVP :smiley:

For now, all of you who want to participate and try their luck will have til 6.0 comes out, if it’s too short we can delay further ^^ no hurry !

Only one winner for each categories so be the best :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck all and have fun in creative :smiley:


To get that kind of detail you would need a class 7-8 ship iv tried :stuck_out_tongue:, there is a really nice script you can use to import 3d models if your interested I made my self a sleipnir from eve and finishing it up :smiley:

Place to download the script:

Hey Kogami,

This is why it’s a contest, to try to get the best detailed ship possible and respecting the limitation of the server.

I don’t even need the ship as i’m used to design my own, it’s just an excuse to give away some credits :smiley:

Ppl are free to use any tool they want ^^

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so please spent loads of hours making a ship I cant make, and perhaps, if i like it you will win gold…
yeah. I think I’ll mine some gold myself than. perhaps slower/less, but at least I’m sure I’ll get something for my time…
Dont want to bash, just my two cents.
Let me know if you want to place a built order with me, I love designing and building :slight_smile: