Design help | Merge Structures


How do you merge 2 small prefab bases into using one core?


Support isn’t really the right place to put this. Next time maybe HWS Community instead.

But you can use the copy and paste tools in the N menu to copy the entirety of one base and put it on another. You just need to have the second selected. Play around with the selection tool to get a feel for how it works.


Or use the mergestructs command in Creative mode


I was reffering to doing in on HWS Boss :stuck_out_tongue:


Hm, that is not possible. Not even I with super godmode powers can merge anything. It’s a feature only available in Creative Mode.


ok, I guess i’ll try that copy / paste thing and if that don’t work ill just delete it. Then build block by block the old fashion way.


or better yet. ill do it in creative mode on a solo server. Save it as a prefab. then pop back to HWS, tear it all down and place the new prefab.