Despawned base

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

My base, Beckys Home, despawned on the JVI home planet.:

Player(s) with issue:Becky

Server:HWS EU

Time Uknown(cb:time):

Playfield:Venture Prime

Structure Name(s):Beckys Home

Structure ID(s):n/a

How can we help you now:Is there anyway this can be respawned? I was holding most of my OCD in it. I had been working a 10 day week and hadn’t visited it.

I searched for Beckys Home, Becky’s Home or even Becky. I only see those 2 structures:

There is one final option possible to even find your structure within 19027 other structures, but it requires bit more time. Brb

I tried to restore it with a special way. Let me know if it worked.
Watch out of Structural Integrity though…

Hi Rex,

It doesn’t seem to be there still, is there anything else we can try?


  • Becky

Hey @Becky
I downgraded from Alpha 12 to Alpha 11 and did manual checks:

Perfect, it’s all back, thank you so so much! Greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:

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