Device count fluctuating

Yesterday I saw warning from the server that my CV is bigger than 300 devices on a PvP. Opened the Structure commander and showed over 300 indeed.
This is a ship I use since the beginning of these limits enforcement without any issues.
Today I see the Structure commander shows under 300 devices, until 5 minutes ago when I check again it shows 312.

According to the BP factory, this ship has 253 devices.

I hope, my ship will not be seized because of these issues.

Please, advise how to proceed.


Hey Sveto,

yeah it is mentioned here and there in the forum.
It is a bug in the game. We just fetching the information we get. But the fix for the output coming soon so it will be fixed then :slight_smile:
Don’t worry. And if something happens just come back to me for an easy solution.