Di Command vs HWS Connect

Just a quick post about differencies in HWS and Empyrion internal coordinates

HWS Connect
N/S, O/W, Height

Empyrion di
O/W, Height, N/S

Told His Awsomness and he told that he will pass to you Rexx but this should make it easier. Can you please change coordinates on HWS acording to di command?
It will make so much easier to find something when you open HWS and use di command. Now i have table on paper in which im “translating” coordinates when im trying to fly to my ship on orbit.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: Im sure better map is comming just after Nazi Zombies in bikini on motorbike in 3.1.


Rexx im now not sure maybe we created misunderstanding as we are not native speakers, its definetly not that we are not smart enough. But ill try to fix it and create universal graphic language screenshots :smiley:

Or im just confused or you switched coordinates but didnt change names, description on HWS.


This is what i meant, maybe its just bothering you before motorcycle update…but i like to have HWS Conect on one monitor and coordinates on main. And i ahve to write HWS coord down on paper, rewrite in Empy order and watch Empy di coords.
So if you switch order in HWS according to Empy coords it will be so comfortable. Also newbies can use this to answer Where are you? Where is your ship? Where is my ship? question easily.

Maybe we understood each other and you just forgot to rename N/s, ow and height, just dont want to make it more confusing :smiley: Thanks a lot

aaah forgot the structure commander. Thouht only in your player card xD
yeah to much stuff going on at the same time.
Will fix it now

Rexx do you know someone more awsome than you? :question: