Did not receive daily loot On na or eu

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What happened?
=> did not receive 100rp loot on na and did not receive 100k coins or 100rp on eu

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
Server? (EU or NA)
When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)
=> n/a

On which Playfield?
Structure Name(s)?

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?

How can we help you now?
=> not too fussed about the coins but would like the rp as going for ocd upgrade this season im a patron and I haven’t had an issue with not receiving loot as it usually stacks

See here:

I have never had the issue before whats the point paying for patreon and then not receiving the benefits

Even as Patron the requirement is to be active, playing regulary.
Did you always play every day?

I can’t play everyday as I work away hence why I pay for meta so my loot stacks if the drop is on a 28 day cycle then rather than losing the higher tier drops surely you should start with the day in the cycle

Don’t know exactly what you mean.

But did you make a pause longer than 7 days at one point?
Maybe this patch affected it. Have to ask Hayawen.

The longest I am ever inactive would be 5 days as I am an hgv driver monday to Friday so I log out Sunday night and log back in Friday night / Saturday morning

ok thanks. We will check.

Thank you

Just to add to this mine hasnt dropped on either server, not missed a single day, auto daily loot activated and as patreon it stacks:)

Ditto, no day 28 goodies.

Side note of investigation: it also matters when you activate Patreon.
If you activated your Patreon on HWS Connect not at day 1, you missed it too already.

We will crawl all logs to see in detail who missed what or not.

If you started to play on day two, the patreon loot also start on day 2… i was 3 days behind on daily on na, but got everything on eu, since i csw slme days later.

a lot of us have had patron activated for many seasons. I have not checked my daily loot but from the several reports it seems like the 28th day timer might be off by a few days

BTW. Checked that it is not converted to rp?

20-09-09 05:00 Daily loot
Received 1 Skill Point, loot queued: 100000xGold Coins

20-09-10 05:00 Daily loot
Received 1 Skill Point, loot queued: 10xPentaxid (raw material), 300xXeno Substrate, 7500xMoney Card, 1xAuto Miner Core

27th day then reset here for me as well :frowning:

@RexXxuS any update on your investigation good sir

“hasn’t dropped” = you got it on both servers? You got all 28 days = 100 Alien Container on NA. On EU not…

And the investigation showed that you didn’t get it on EU, because you played the first day only on HWS NA.
Is this true?

And since the Auto Patreon Daily Loot delivery is scheduled every day at 5:01AM, the first day everyone had to claim it manually, even as Patron. Because the season started at ~8PM.

In your case it is a bit easier. I investigated all the logs and it seemed that you clicked on the sync Patreon button not on 13th August.
Every season you have to relink your Patreon account in HWS Connect. Obvious I think?
But I will note it down in the Guide too now.
If you did not know that let me know and I refund the 100rp on NA.
For EU it is like jim above.