Didn't get bank interests

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What happened: I didn’t get the EB5 interests in EU last day. I’m pretty sure I did the eb:interest command, around 90% sure… no, nevermind, 93% sure. It has happened to me a few days, but I never know if it was because I forgot, or the command didn’t work for some reason.
Player(s) with issue: Fasgort
Server: EU
How can we help you now: Send 'em monies?

What does your Player Activity log in HWS Connect say?

Next time check yourself please.
I don’t see any issues.



Today you didn’t get interest because you didn’t type eb:interest or visited the bank.

Didn’t get today ones at 9AM. I don’t see it either in your screenshot.

see my edit.

You wrote “last day” hence I was confused.
But you meant “today”.

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