Didn't get my daily RP

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: I didn’t get any RP for 3.2.2018. http://puu.sh/zfKbW/89cc0bd204.png
Player(s) with issue: Tacheron
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 3.2.2018.
Playfield: Write here
Structure Name(s): Write here
Structure ID(s): Write here
How can we help you now: Give me my RP - I’m not sure if I warped, but I definitely had 300 pentaxid and were living in both pve and pvp.


yeah, it looks like a bug or so but you missed one thing:

since you didn’t play yesterday there was no RP for today.

Ah, I didn’t miss the daily activity thing, but I thought it was enough to log onto connect and press for the daily loot (I’m pretty sure I did do that, could be wrong though). Anyways, thanks, it’s not a big deal, now I know for the next time :slight_smile:

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