Didn't get RP for Living in PVE/PVP

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What happened: Did not get RP for living in PVP/PVE as Freelancer even though I was camped on a donor planet with most of my faction and we had bases/ships on GG and other pvp play fields
Player(s) with issue: Chaplain 515
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 9:00 server time
Playfield: Dantoonie
Structure Name(s): All
Structure ID(s): All
How can we help you now: Just explain to me what/why it happened? Do donor planets not count as PVE?

Hello Chaplain,
Donator planets have the free option to count as RP planets or not. So should PvE included or exluded so to speak, no matter the true nature.

Hence the template got extended by that question:

So since I didn’t get any answer from the owner I set the exclusion for RP from the last season.
If you want me to remove it, so it counts as PvE planet and RP gain for you, please let the Owner know and he agrees on that to me. Then I remove it quick

Thank you sir!

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