Died in base---no backpack spawned. Lost 3 epic weapons plus other. grrrrr

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Was safe secure in base–filled food–went to let my dogs out for potty. Came back and I had died. Respawned and could not find my backpack. Still looking for it–and nothing.
Player(s) with issue: T-Woof
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 315PM Eastern time zone
Playfield: Freelancer starter
Structure Name(s): Hammer Outpost
Structure ID(s):
How can we help you now: Id appreciate my items returned as I lost some epic weapons too which took some time to obtain.

Lost items:
Epic Pistol
Enhanced Pulse Rifle T2
Epic Assault Rifle
T2 Shotgun
Epic Sniper
Epic laser rifle (whatever the freelancer weapon is)
Multi Tool t2
Drill t2
11 health pack

2 decontamination packs
2 detox kits
2 trauma kits
2 bandages
50 02 bottle
60 small o2 bottle

300 pentaxid (refined)

125 (=/-) fusion cells
1 power core
1 detector
1 ore scanner
1 night vision

50 multi charge

50 drill charge

250-300 pistol rounds

500-1000 projectile rifle rounds

25-50 shotgun rounds

1000 sniper rounds

3 stacks of Iron ore

***I remember exactly what I had because this is my approx. standard-default equipment I carry regularly. The iron ore I had just processed in constructor and was waiting for bp to finish so I could load it in factory.

Much appreciate the help. I dunno why that happened—I imagine the backpack could be meters below the base somewhere but Id prefer not to waste hours digging and searching underneath. Welcome to fly as superman underneath base and locate exact location if it is there.

Thanks for the help and hopefully quick response! =)


sorry—technically I guess I had 5 epics…but I don’t usually count freelancer starter laser rifle or t2 pulse rifle.

Hello @T-WOOF

I recommend next time to close Empyrion before going for a long dog walk


Normally that falls not under a bug or admin job but since you listed your stuff nicely and explained the situation I restored it as an exception.

Thanks ALOT! Wow, I did not realize I was out that long. Will remember next time.

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