Direct IP Connect


For how much utility your unique integrated website offers, for example with ‘HWS Connect,’ ironically and frustratingly - it doesn’t actually even provide any way to directly connect to any of your servers.

Can you direct me to where I can find or provide me with the direct connect IPs for each of the servers to make it easier to find them and connect to them please . They don’t easily show up in server searches even with filters for their titles.

simply putting HWS in the search box yields 4 results. then just double click the server u prefer. after that it shows in the history tab. hasn’t been too difficult for years.

I mentioned that I’ve already been doing it this way - for me the game’s server browser and history browser is too slow and again, does not reliably show the game servers.

If there was a way to just connect directly to the server this would help me out a lot. It usually takes me around 10-20 minutes for the server to pop up in either list, sometimes it can time out and not show any servers. I don’t know why, and my internet is otherwise very fair.

In any case, this would be a good QOL option to include in HWS Connect for anyone else who might need it for similar or related reasons.

Something that functions like steam:// (which doesn’t seem to work for Empyrion as it does for other games) to directly connect

the above post didnt work actually

unfortunately the game doesn’t give us an option to join externally. empy isn’t exactly a AAA title. not sure why it takes so long to show the servers for u. 10-20 min is definitely not normal, unless ur internet provider lives in the past. u may need to troubleshoot ur PC or internet connection for better qol in empy.

you can read this and look it up

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If there would be a way, I would add it.
I know other games have it.

Posting IP + port together in public is not my style with all the bots going around but with a bit of thinking you can get it yourself - as you proofed :+1:
Welcome to HWS and Have fun