Disappearing money from elemental bank ONCE AGAIN and NO TAXES

I am writing support ONCE AGAIN because I am losing HUGE amounts of money from elemental bank, and my self and faction do not have taxes. The first time I reported this I lost nearly 400K within a week of 5.0 dropping and I was told to reference the slide dealing with taxes. I verified thru connect and my faction that no one was being taxed and when I responded back that I had no taxes to pay, my support ticket was ignored. Now as of this week I have lost almost 100k and I still have NO TAXES BEING PAID. I mine gold for these credits and I am sick of losing all of it as soon as it is deposited into EB. Now if your gonna tell me its taxes again, I want to see the server’s proof of taxes because on my end I am not getting charged so there is some sort of bug going on.


thanks for the info, but its quite simple and no bug:

On Slide 35 of the Guide about RP it tells you that you loose money and RP when you die.
The more you die the more you loose. The more RP you have, the cheaper it is.
Since oyu have no RP but 200 death you loose like 20k each time you die.
Just get some RP and you loose no money anymore (see the calculation on that slide)

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ah ok…for some reason I thought u lost the money if it was on you…my bad, thanks for clarifying…I knew it wasn’t going to taxes so It had to go somewhere lol