Disappearing OAM cores?

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What happened: fuelled ams via ‘am:fuel:all:all’, player log confirms this, but most OAMs still show ‘0’ fuel the following day.
Player(s) with issue: extropy
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): see screenshot
Playfield: Kratos
**Structure Name(s):**n/a
Structure ID(s): n/a
How can we help you now: explore if this is a bug…

how many cores did you fuel it up with?

hey. 1 per each resource, i.e. 12

okay i had a smiular trouble i used am:fuel:all:all and all mine went into slot ir
it maybe just a small blip when admins get a chance they will get to you be pataient and thanks for confirming the amount of cores you fuled it with.

You know that it was 10 hours ago?
you put ca. 1 fuel in each. 3 hours ago AM consumed your fuel again as it should. Why are you worried?

Is this comparison accurate? Its similar to H2 or O2 gens in game.

When the 1st cell is put in device - it disappears. It appears then to have no fuel, but it is then currently running on that fuel cell until its used up.

When empty of fuel to start, only shows cells remaining in queue when more than 1 was put in queue.

Even though it shows 0 fuel in Ext’s AM, each oam should now run for 3 days.

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Perfectly right

ok brill thanks. I wasnt sure so i asked…