Disconnected from server and now server is not viewable

So I find that HWS server takes ages to appear even in friends lists. When it does I have can play for 2 minutes or 20 mins then i get a disconnected from server error.

I then find it difficult to see the server on the list and then i get an server issue on log on or if I make it in game i keep getting booted but then once again it does not show all servers available

not sure why this has started after 4.0 patch

Any suggestions?

It restarted at 9.00 for a normal restart/backup, then it restarted again 15-20 minutes later to install the 4.1 patch.
So it might be that you’re missing 4.1 ?

It has been happening for a week. i now get a server error before i get to loading screen message

I see you are online. Is it working now? Does it just happen from time to time or constantly?

just managed to get online but connection to dedicated server lost error message and it boots me :frowning:
It is the longest I have been in game for a while now. Seems to be better away from Earth/Mars

It happens all the time. i am just about ready to give up on this server but my mates can play without any issues

Maybe it is your ISP then?
From where are you? Maybe the HWS NA / EU server is better for you?

Earth / Mars got wiped today. It should be super fresh and fast. Strange. Indeed other people can play normally.

I am having a good run on the server now so i am not sure why it works sometime but more often and not it seems to boot me

I might be my ISP but as it only happens on this server in NA when I am in Qz

this is why