Disconnected when warped to ECC, all ships missing

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Warped to ECC, got the message lost connection to dedicated server. Made a base, warped to ECC again same message. Logged off. Log in today, warp into ECC to get my ships and they are all gone.
Player(s) with issue: Chaplain 515
Server: HWS NA
Time (cb:time): 4-28-18 and 4-30-18
Playfield: ECC
Structure Name(s): Cathedral, Chaplains monster, Version 3, (I don’t remember the name of my foundry)
Structure ID(s): I cannot see it on the structure commander so I cannot find this information.
How can we help you now: Can I have my ships back? Please?

Restored them (Cathedral, Chaplains monster, Version 3) in Peacekeeper West.
I could not restore Essendon though since it was created after the last backup

Okay thank you. I forgot the name of the foundry in my CV. I think it was Chaps or something. Thank you for everything.

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