Disconnects all the time

Server is running bad. Its disconnecting all the time.

Finally managed to get to the market thanks to a faction member helping me out due to OCD being down for a long time today. Did not receive my RP, can’t collect interest and also while waiting for it to come online I get this as an extra bonus.

Game is a lot more unstable since new patch/server for me. Whichever one is the reason.

I also had problems with game crashes when opening blueprint library/factory but solved it by deleting all blueprints from harddisk.

Must wait for devs to fix this I think. Admins can fix it all the time but it will just go bad again like 10 minutes later. And this is just a tiny example of the shitton of bugs I’m getting today all of a sudden.

Yes, I watched the Adastras fight today and I know that and am very sorry…
All we can do for now is wait for the server switch back again.

I found out that Windows Server 2016 edition was another problem. The old one is running windows server 2012…

progress in regression everywhere.

Np m8 - We have high hopes on the old server :slight_smile:

i also had what SquirtingElephant put in screenshot and first time i pressed quit and it exit then second time, now, i dididnt press quit and went to log in to forum to see/post about it and then the message dissapeared and i could mine again,
first i was mining an iron meteor and second i was sitting near the meteor cause i had to deal with my cat :slight_smile:

Edit: it popped 3rd time but i continued to mine and the message dissapeared … so its not really disconnecting us but the message pops up cause an error
Edit 2: the message keeps popping up but pressing esc, alt makes the message go away and you can keep playing, still the message will keep popping up quite often

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