Discovered how to prevent the crippling Game play Bug of "Continue" dialogue box

DISCOVERED How to Prevent the Dialog Box from disrupting Game play. There is a check Box iblOpenOnException TURN IT OFF in the Console ~ key opens it . This is on by default of every game start!!! This only prevents the crippling gameplay disruption of the “click to continue” not the errors. I am sure that it was a simple oversight for certain players and others not to mention that they found this out earlier and to shared this info with others. No one was using this knowledge to take unfair advantage during battles. I am sure if the Admins knew of this they only forgot to mention this. But the Good new!!! Game play is back with only lag spikes when the error happens !!! *Edited


Bumped this up to HWS News. If this fixes that in all cases that is fantastic! Good work man. @RexXxuS If you see this and can verify it, can you pin it please?

It sounds like we need an experiment. Too bad things may be calming down on desertworld after a few days of some stupidly late nights.

Since the internal error only really happens to me during a really long fight.

I have a blueprint from back when I was experimenting with triangles that can trigger it, will test it on my server tonight.

We tested it last night PKA was removed from desert with out it occurring again.
Kudos to the last defender he knew how to dig in.
You will experience a Lag and then check the console for the Null exception.
So the errors are loged but that blasted Dia Log box does not pop up

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I think fights might pick up since you don’t have to fight the Dialog box anymore and game play has gotten better.


Well then. I appreciate you sharing it rather than holding onto it as a competitive advantage.

Also that was EFA @Upgrade he was telling me about it this morning. Spiteful little sucker. :slight_smile:

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This made the fight last night enjoyable. It works, it’s amazing being able to snipe turrets without falling into them while internal erroring. Lol anyways, Good fight last night PKA/EFA! Upgrade proved his worth after holding out on bedrock for a good solid hour dropping turrets and killing us as we came in on foot, ended up having to dig him up with rockets lol. Best tactic I’ve seen since we faught UMC they did this as well, it was freakin awesome… GG once again Upgrade. Baller of the year award. (:

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@Upgrade Is a pretty good adversary. I always seem to catch him with his pants down though. :frowning:

I’m sure he’ll destroy me if I don’t surprise him but I HAVE A BROCK BROCK!

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Wow well done! Didn’t know about this. That’s really useful!!

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