Dissapear item from OCD

Dissapear partialy items from slot №2 in OCD (emergency rations) been 60 then 45 today 25 left. And dissapear full slot №19 (i can’t remember what there) Today i taked from ocd only one item - Growing Plots №20 (33 items).

Sorry, can’t see much. Seems all good for me.
Contact @Jascha maybe

me to im losing my Fusion cells,twice now,first i lost only like 999 but this time i lost like 10 000… not sure how-why,but its been hapening twice in a week.

Just realised i also lost about 2 stacks of gold ore…

Every day lose something. Some not big positions lost full) Some partially.

yep just lost my zascosium ingots(all of them(7000ish)) and around 3000 More fusion cells,total about 15 000 fusion cells lost

i dont know what else i may have lost,some other smaller things,like large medkits,rest unsure…

Sorry to hear guys.
It is the second Topic about it so I let jascha know.
But since everyone can say he lost stuff without proofs or at least more information it is even more harder for Jascha to fix it.
So make sure to always post the time, when it happened, what command you typedd it, what you expected, etc.

I do not have any point to lies. 99% of my commands - it is put commands. And every evening i make a backup of ocd into exel file. And at the morning sometimes some item lost. For example cores - i have 5 after 4 days only one core persist. Medkit - i have 40 items from 3.0 and never take it, now it 23. I think there is come errors when write put:handslot command execution. When i type only put:all (in one day) at the morning my ocd in one piece.