Do:ac won't work because last owner could not be determined

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: I spawned a ship, waited a moment, replaced core with AC, do:ac:id# gave error message that the last owner couldn’t be determined. I just recycled a ship of the same name earlier and replaced it with an updated version and reused the core, maybe that is the issue.
Player(s) with issue: SirKnumskull
Server: HWS EU
Time (cb:time): today, 0715
Playfield: Triton
Structure Name(s): Archon
Structure ID(s): 31646718
How can we help you now: Set ownership to me or my faction so I can escape from the core room :wink:

Ok done.
You have to wait 5 minutes after you created the ship before you put the core inside. Thats why he could not determine the owner.

I thought I had waited long enough, worked the last two times for me and my brother. Thanks, Jascha!

Is there any way I can get the 7 RP I am missing because I couldn’t leave the ship after placing the core (couldn’t pick up my Laser Rifle)?

7 RP… xD you know how much RP you have right?
Gave it to you.

Hey, I didn’t get my 1k RP by missing out on my daily gain! :stuck_out_tongue: