Do not PLAY in HVS also Do not trust HVS Admins they are defending their friends :)

Last night just 3 mint after I gone offline 2 guy attack my base :slight_smile: died over 30 times and its in logs. whenever this morning I saw evrything gone. I waited for a Admin come online for I tell him stuff. I said him and also uploaded log and sended him. He said “no one death” “its a bug” but araund my base I see atleast 6x back packs :slight_smile: and araund my base there is to many deployed areas…

I ask him are they ur friend cause they break rules and u are defending them. he said be carefull about my words :smiley: and I ask him to explain me if only 1 death is bug there is 3 deaths also is there also a bug? and he said bye bye and permament banned me …

Guy do not play in this server :smiley: they are only behind ur money and ur time. they only support their friends :smiley: they can strike ur basesses easy after u get offline. its why this server dont have OFFLINE protection whenever other servers have it and its working well :smiley:

Learn humanity admins of the server…

HERE 1 part of log:

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I dont see the problem.

If they attack and died thats part of the game. And with some time its not impossible to take over a base.

I love you all. You are all my friends!

I guess Im even supporting cheater since “Slicky” obviously got reborn and rid of his death… look at the end of your log… Suddenly he has only 1 instead of 3 death! Oh man… I should get banned indefinetly.

This LOG ist the truth, dont believe what admins say. Only believe the Logs THEY CREATE, since they are definetly tampered :grin:

Oh man… you gave me a good laugh this morning. Thanks a lot.

Carefull SPOILER:
We fixed the Intruder log. Thanks to Harodean we found the bug. Sorry for that. It showed the Structure Typ instead of the Death (1 SV / 3 Base). But dont tell him.

And here the Lie:

I favor no one. And insults of admin abuse are absurd.
If it was a bug in HWS Connect Intruder Log I am sorry. I parsed the wrong XML property. You are the first one who found out.
No need to insult and flame Jascha (Server).
Just letting us know in a nice way and we fix it / give you potentially a compensation.

he cannot ban me like that … he cant insult me either… I told him many times they attack and died over 30 times. and he denied what I say. I said again and again atleat 10 mint he never listen and all time denied me… After I show him the log he start telling me its bug.

if he didnt act to denied what I said first 10 mint I didnt get mad about it…
and he is warning me “be carefull” ext :slight_smile: cause he can ban… I am a player in this server he must act a bit friendly and try to find problem.

he didnt act that way :smiley: he try to dominate agains me. and after I call him as a friend of this guys he banned me permament :smiley:

tell me the true action about what he has done?

I just check my logs as I must be. and I saw death of the enemys its it.

Rexxus this guy not deserving to be admin in a server. cause he isnt acting friendly … he is trying to dominate agains people. not listening them. not trying to understand.

look what he says :smiley: this guy cannot even more than 15 years old :smiley: still his action.
Grow up little boy. there is a life out there where u may find urself and can learn something about humanity :smiley:

I just dont belive a kid like u are :smiley: face ur action useless :slight_smile:

No need to spam the forum or the game.
No need to insult admins.
No need to break our rules.

You can play again soon.