DO:RE not working

do:re seems to not working.
When accepted by cb:yes resources do not appear.

yes, same here i did 4 or 5 Do:re it didn’t work but it did count in my ressources packages left…

can i have my ressources packages recredited ?

Sorry might have been due ot the high load. Gave you spawns back

It just counted 2 spawns not 4 or 5.

Thanks !
So its safe to use it now ?

ok, i may have not typed cb:yes
i trust your logs

Well Do:re still not working. I gave it another try. no luck.
I think you should look into it a bit more guys…

yes still not working, i tried 2 more times

Sorry guys. That was a bad error on my part. We did not transfer the donation item-package to the new server. I will write a quick function to reset all your donations back to wht whey were before and then implement that package. I let you know when.
Sorry again :(. Was too much at once I guess.

Its done. DO:RE should work again.