Docked SV vanished on cockpit entrance

What happened: I’ve set a docked SV to public in order to transfer it to someone. When the said person entered the SV it immedietely vanished. Smithy set it to faction so might show either as public or [VIK].
SV is gone from registry, all private, GMC and VIK.

Player(s) with issue: Fulgrim, Smithy

Server: EU

Time (cb:time): 03:54

Playfield: Lawless Home space, coordinates are roughly 2419/191/5506

Structure Name(s): GMCV Excalibur (Fulgrim) (CV to which the ship was docked), Fulgrim’s MAURauder (docked SV)

Structure ID(s): CV: 1967472 (now in VIK hands), SV: gone from connect structure commander (because set to public?)

How can we help you now: Please, restore the SV with ownership to either VIK, Fulgrim or GMC (in that preference order, depending on allowed craft limits and ability to do so in the “restore to Fulgrim” case), Wouldn’t bother the team in normal circumstances, but the SV and its cargo were important and valuble.

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It most likely needed a relog, it was hanging in Lawless home. Stuck it back in the Excalibur.

More like a server restart. Rebooted the game multiple times to no effect.

@DeeExpus seems the fix made VIK go over limit of faction SVs… could you help them with [HWS] Explorate blocking the movement of the excalibur.
Could you make its ownership Private to smithy (writing in his name)

Done… oh wait it was restrat. will be done after restart