Docked SV

Hello sirs,

i am stuck in space with sv that was made hws , i dont mind but now cant fly and request if someone can just delete it , cant find id as i cant access it

If something gets made HWS it means you have broken one of the rules and the ship has been siezed by the hws police, you will have to spawn a new ship, and make sure you find out which rule you broke so you don’t do it again.

i know exactly and i understand its just said sv is still docked to cv so i cant fly away lol

LOL! wtf? thats weird

anyway had to destroy blocks it was docked to so yeah,can close up here sorry to disturb

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In the future change faction on the CV. Go back and forth between faction/ private/public and all docked vessels will undock.

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iv tried this before and they stay docked? is it only when your quickly change between them multiple times?

I think so. Sometimes it takes a few cycles but it will eventually undock.

Edit. To clarify I’ve never tried with a HWS vessel docked but it should work the same.

Thanks :smiley: operation bombs away needs testing :smiley: