Does EAH work with a personal (private) dedicated server?

Update After shutting down the server, restarting EAH, I still was unable to see the player list. I rebooted my computer and it appears to be working now!


I’m hosting a personal, private server for myself and 3 others. I installed EAH to see if I can have an easier time managing the server, but the only thing that seems to be working is the telnet connection. I can see players on in telnet, but the player list in EAH shows nothing. I’ve been digging around a little bit and see that other EAH clients have an option for Mod Connection in the config. I don’t have this option in my EAH. I have the latest version (1.32.2) and my directory settings are correct in the EAH config. Is there something I need to do for the mod connection or does this tool only work with HWS servers?


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sorry. Somehow this post was never flagged for me. Did not see it.
The Option Mod-Connection was taken out since we allways use the Mod now. Only the Slave tools work without it for now, which will soon change too.