Donation bug BP problem

So i used 3bp spawns “only 2 actually spanned” on the EU server but they where also taken from the NA server ?

Can you explain in detail what you did and why 2 of 3 spawned? The packages won’t be synced between servers.

I used the CSW from NA To EU. spawned the 2 ships then jumped back to NA using CSW

The one I lost it’s my fault forgot to queue it.

So the problem is blueprint where taken from the 2 servers.

The important thing about CSW is really to wait a bit before relog. The FTP data stream is sometimes a bit slow so your ship (in a .zip file) needs to send.
I restored one BP spawn for now.

Thanks. I waited the time it said over a minute ? In the future what do i need to do so i don’t lose BP on both servers ?

Best to not have ready to spawn blueprints ready and jump. Also waiting 1-2 minutes.
Other than that report to us and we will look into it.

ok that works