Donation didnt go through?

So i donated like half an hour ago and it still havent gotten through, money withdrawn though, so my question is if there is a normal delay, or did something go wrong ?

Hi Feddy,

I moved your question to the Get Help topic.

Donations are done manually by the Admin team. They are located in the EU and UK and probably have not gotten to it just yet, as it would be pretty late/early at this point. They are always good with it though. If you dont hear back here or see it within 6-8 hours, definitely check back in though!

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sorry for the wait. We both were sleeping already :frowning:
I activated it now.
Just saw you donated twice. Was that on purpose, or because you thought it did not work. Just let us know if we should send the second donation back (@RexXxuS).

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Cheers, and no worries about the delay, the 2nd donation was indeed a mistake, BUT i changed my mind and im happy to donate even more in the future so dont worry about paying back :slight_smile:

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i like this guy already! :smiley: