Donation package not added

Tried contacting admins on discord but seems not much response there. Bought 2 donator packages one after the other, one was for NA 17 Euro for OCD 5 and that was applied, the other was the more expensive donation for EU to keep 70 Million post wipe but after 24+ hours it still isnt showing. I know admins are busy but I would like to know that when I spend a large amount of cash its actually being dealt with when this amount of time has passed. Can link payment details if required from Paypal.

Could have mistakenly applied it to the wrong server - it happens.

Hang tight, they will get you sorted.

I’ll add as soon as I can tomorrow sorry for delay we all away with real life stuff the past days :wink:

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Thank you Achilles. Its not a drama now I know why its not been done. Hope IRL goes well.

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