Donations question:

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

**What happened:Donated to OCD Level 5
**Player(s) with issue:None
**Time (cb:time):NA
**Structure Name(s):NA
**Structure ID(s):NA
**How can we help you now: Please tell me that I will keep OCD Level 5 if I now donate to HWS Donator. In other words, will I lose the OCD5 and get OCD3? And if not, what other real incentive do I have to donate another $15 just to get a few resources and instant BP? Perhaps in this case a level up in OCD as I already have OCD level 5?


You have already donated for OCD level 5, so yes that will remain and carry through the season, you will not loose it.

Thank you for supporting so far, and thanks for considering further support, we very much appreciate it. Please see the following for our currently available donator packages.

The advantage are indeed resources and blueprint spawns what you don’t have with OCD lvl 5. More over the spawns are reset after each full wipe.

Thanks for your support